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KSL 100/80 MG Series – Granite & Quartz Edge Processor

No other stone processing equipment combines the experience and continuous technical development of the Burkhardt-Loffler KSL Series edge processors. Serious fabricators know the importance that comes from perfection in providing customers with a smart range of edge designs. The Burkhardt-Loffler modular design makes it possible to individualize the system to your market and production demands. Sophisticated features like:

• Planetary Polishing Heads

• Precise Miters

• Chamfer Profiling

• Pencil Edge Profiling

• Back Gauging

• Rod Slotting

This range of options and additions, can make your system a truly customized manufacturing asset. With over 2000 of these Burkhardt-Loffler precision edge finishing machines installed and operating worldwide, the KSL Series is designed to give you the edge on your competition.

See this unit in action: